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The contribution of Siddha literature with its boundless therapies and pharmaceutical preparation is acclaimed excellence even in modern era. Siddha treatment is not only curative, but also preventive, endowed with philosophical thoughts which enrich the mind and body. The refined natural remedies designed in Siddha Materia Medica, states the uses of herbs, minerals, animal products and metal ores in combating diseases.

Heavy metals such as gold and silver have been used as Parpams, Chendoorams and Chunnams ( metallic salts / metallic nano particles ) to promote longevity, as well as to treat a variety diseases including even Non -Communicable Diseases ( NCDs ). The process of incineration converts the metallic salts into extremely fine emulsified particles, so that the body can absorb and process them.

Siddha Therapy is classified as :

  • Devamaruthuvam ( Divine Method )
  • Manidamaruthuvam ( Rational Method )
  • Asuramaruthuvam ( Surgical Method )

Generally according to the mode of application, medicines are classified as internal and external, each having 32 categories.

The crown of Siddha medicine is "Muppu", a method of preparation of Universal salt, which can potentiate the efficacy of medicine 100 times, even though added in very small quantities. It is not needed to mention that preparation of Muppu, needs wisdom rather than knowledge.

Siddha medicines revitalize and rejuvenate the organs ensuring their normal functions. The treatment in Siddha is aimed at keeping the humors in equilibrium with a proper diet and disciplined regimes of life. Siddha Therapies are a hallmark in successfully managing the chronic ailments like psoriasis, diabetes, hypertension, bronchial asthma, sinusitis etc.

The drugs used by the Siddhars could be classified into 3 groups :

The Thattu drugs are further classified as :

  • Uppu ( water-soluble inorganic substances or drugs that give out vapour when put into fire )
  • Pashanam ( drugs not dissolved in water but emit vapour when fired )
  • Uparasam ( similar to pashanam but differ in action )
  • Loham ( not dissolved in water but melt when fired )
  • Rasam ( drugs which are soft )
  • Ghandhagam ( drugs which are insoluble in water, like sulphur )

The drugs used in siddha medicine were classified on the basis of 5 properties :

  • Suvai ( taste )
  • Gunam ( character )
  • Veeryam ( potency )
  • Pirivu ( class )
  • Mahimai ( action )

According to their mode of application, the siddha medicines could be categorized into 2 classes :

♦ Internal medicine was used through the oral route and further classified into 32 categories based on their form, methods of preparation, shelf-life, etc.

♦ External medicine includes certain forms of drugs and also certain applications ( such as nasal, eye and ear drops ), and also certain procedures ( such as leech application ). It also classified into 32 categories.


The treatment in siddha medicine is aimed at keeping the three humors in equilibrium and maintenance of seven elements. So proper diet, medicine and a disciplined regimen of life are advised for a healthy living and to restore equilibrium of humors in diseased condition. Saint Thiruvalluvar explains four requisites of successful treatment. These are the patient, the attendant, physician and medicine. When the physician is well-qualified and the other agents possess the necessary qualities, even severe diseases can be cured easily, according to these concepts.

The treatment should be commenced as early as possible after assessing the course and cause of the disease. Treatment is classified into three categories: devamaruthuvum ( Divine method ); manuda maruthuvum ( rational method ); and asura maruthuvum ( surgical method ). In Divine method, medicines like parpam, chendooram, guru, kuligai made of mercury, sulfur and pashanams are used. In the rational method, medicines made of herbs like churanam, kudineer, or vadagam are used. In surgical method, incision, excision, heat application, blood letting, or leech application are used.

According to therapies the treatments of siddha medicines could be further categorized into following categories such as purgative therapy, emetic therapy, fasting therapy, steam therapy, oleation therapy, physical therapy, solar therapy, blood-letting therapy, yoga therapy, etc.


Varmam are vital points in the body that act as energy transformers or batteries. They form centres for boosting the vital life-force Uyir Sakthi flow through the intricate nadi system of the body. Nature, by its design, has protected these vital centres by placing them deep inside the body or by covering them with tissues inaccessible to normal attempts of breach.

Varmam is a holistic therapy on its own and tackles the body, mind and spirit. A varmam expert understands the underlying links between the body, prana and the mind. If one looks at the long list of things which varmam can do, one will be totally mesmerised by the deep science and the indisputable healing it brings about. The human body can get into lot of accidents, minor and major, in its lifetime. Very rarely people are lucky enough to escape accidents in life.

Varmams have been classified based on the type of pressure needed to injure :

  • Choondu Varmam
  • Koochal Varmam
  • Padu Varmam ( Major Varmam points which activated by fingers / hands due to injury)
  • Parechal Varmam
  • Sukkila Varmam
  • Sumbana Varmam
  • Sunonitha Varmam
  • Thattu Varmam ( Varmam points which stimulated by tapping / blows )
  • Thadavu Varmam ( Varmam points which stimulated by rubbing / massage )
  • Thuppu Varmam ( Varmam points which stimulated by spitting the herbs )
  • Thodu Varmam ( Varmam points which stimulated by touch )
  • Uuthu Varmam ( Varmam points which stimulated by blowing using mouth )
  • Nakku Varmam ( Varmam points which stimulated by licking )
  • Nooku Varmam and Meitheenda Kalai / Meitheenda Kalam
    ( Triggering vital points by focusing / staring / concentrating on the target )

The widely used and recognised ones are the 12 Padu varmams and 96 Thodu varmams ; there is less consistency with the other categories simply because of the way of application or the deeper knowledge needed to apply them. In these categories, the Nokku varmam is the most awe-generating and is rarely seen practiced, as those masters who were able to do this are almost extinct.

A varmam therapist needs to have a deep knowledge about the body's nerves and physical structure to do an effective treatment. There are only a few therapists existing in this world, and the modern siddha world is trying to preserve this art of healing.

Fundamental of Siddha


Siddha system is a unique system compared to other systems as it is both medicinally, intellectually and spiritually enriched. Siddha system is bestowed with various specialties of which few are enumerated below.


Alchemy is a complex science of converting lower metals to higher. It can be accomplished only when the atoms of a substance can be isolated and relocated. Alchemy still remains as a magical myth, but Siddhars who were devoid of earthly pleasure used these techniques to reveal the potency of the medicinal preparations.




No matter how each of us define wellbeing, what lies in the core concept is a healthy mind in a healthy body, empowered by an indomitable spirit. Yoga brings about this harmonious integration of mind, body and spirit. The term yoga is not only confined to physical postures, but it signifies union with the supreme universal spirit as the word "yuj" which means unity (union of the mind and body). Thirumoolar, a great Saint of Siddha, preached and advocated many Yogic Thanthraas in his very old Tamil text Thirumathiram.


Pranayamam, an integral part of yoga defined as a science of cleansing, balancing and gaining control over the life force ( prana ). With the amalgamation of traditional and modern concept, Pranayamam is considered as one of the best remedy to cure stress and anxiety disorder.

One can control the rhythms of pranic energy with pranayama and achieve healthy body and mind.

Patanjali in his text of Yoga Sutra mentioned pranayama as means of attaining higher states of awareness and holding of breath is an important practice of reaching Samadhi.Pranayama, not only tones the lungs, regulates the heart rate, rejuvenates the glands and improves the health of the nervous system by increasing oxygenation, but also regulates the bio energy flow of body and harmonizes the alleviated humors to restore good health.


It is a special branch of Siddha medicine which prevents age related degeneration and prolongs the healthy living. Kayakalpam means ‘transformation of the body’. But an analysis into the history and practice of Kayakalpam reveals much more, than just the descriptions of exotic and complex herbal formulas designed to bring about physical and mental rejuvenation.


Life, ( the bio energic flow ) flows in the body in a particular pathway. Certain key points in the body where life energy is concentrated ( Vaasi ) is called Varma points. According to Siddha medicine there are 108 KEY points in human body through which Prana flows in a channeled way. Any trauma to these vital points may cause loss of consciousness or convulsions or even death. But gentle vibration or pressure applied in these points relieves the obstruction of the energy flow.

Varma therapy provides a complete natural healing to rejuvenate the toxic imbalances.


Massage Therapy is defined as a passive exercise, involving the use of medicated oils to rejuvenate the body cells. On scientific inclination, massage therapy increases the lymphatic flow, eliminating the toxic substances which cause ill health.

Siddha theory states that massage (Thokkanam) strengthens blood circulation, facilitates lymphatic drainage, improves skin tone, promotes the vitality and relaxes the body on the whole. Massage therapy is a pioneer in treating stress, injury, pain and many major ailments. It helps in detoxification of the body favoring healthy body and soul.



Siddhars, spiritual scientists of Tamil Nadu explored and explained the reality of Nature and its relationship to man by their yogic awareness and experimental findings. They postulated the concept of spiritualism for self improvement and the practices propounded by them came to be known as the "SIDDHA SYSTEM".

The eight mighty SIDDHIC PROCESS or OCTOMIRACLE ("ATTA-MA-SIDDHI") which could keep the body strong and perfect for EXTERNAL LIFE, where THERE IS NO DEATH OR REBIRTH.

Treatments Methods

Abhyangam ( Ayurvedic Body Massage )

Synchronized body massage with medicated oil is given according to the requirement of the diseases for a said period of 30-45 minutes. This treatment is very useful for relaxing the muscles to relieve the stress and to improve blood circulation.

Dhara ( Thakra Dhara, Thaila Dhara, Kashaya Dhara )

In this process some herbal oils, medicated milk, medicated butter milk etc. are poured as continuous stream on the forehead. This is an ideal treatment to relieve stress and strain and induces good sleep and for certain skin diseases. It will also improve memory power and cools the body.

Kadee Vasthi

In this process warm medicated oil is retained over the lower back with the help of herbal forte. This treatment lasts for 30 minutes to an hour and it is good for any type of low back pain and other spinal disorders.

Kizhi ( Elakizhi, Podi Kizhi )

Herbal leaves or herbal powders, aerated in medicated oil is applied to the whole body in boluses for a period of 30- 45 minutes per day. This is found effective in arthritis with inflammatory swelling, Spondilosis, injuries etc.


Herbal juices or medicated oils are instilled into the nostrils. This is highly effective in certain kinds of head aches, sinusitis and other diseases related to head and nose.


It is a process by which the whole body or a specific part is treated by the application of boluses filled with medicated puddings prepared with certain decoctions, which is tied in a muslin bag. It is done for joint pains, emaciation of limbs in children and elderly, high blood pressure and certain skin diseases.


Here the medicated oil is poured all over the body on a rhythmic way continuously for a period of 30- 45 minutes per day. This is very useful for chronic conditions like Arthritis, Paralysis, nervous disability and certain muscular disorders.


In this procedure, the oil is retained on the scalp with the help of leather crown. This is done in case of facial paralysis, dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, severe head ache and diseases of the eyes.

Swedanam ( Steaming )

It is a process of purifying the body. This brings out the toxins of the body, there by cleansing the skin, improves the tone of the body and reduces fat etc.


This is a massage with herbal powder. This treatment is for obesity and certain rheumatic ailments etc.


Certain herbal oil or herbal extracts is administered through the rectum for a period of 5 to 25 days. This treatment is effective for arthritis, paralysis, numbness and constipation.

Siddha for Atta-Ma-Siddhi


The faculty of reducing gross body to the size of an atom and to enable him to fly in space.


Supreme power over animates and inanimate in the universe.


The power of reducing the primordial elements within himself to a point desired.


The power of becoming as light as feather.


Power of expanding oneself without limit.


The power of penetration like rays by which one can attain immortality.


Faculty of knowing everything; Past, Present and Future and to secure everything as desired.


The power of securing any object.

Weight Loss Therapy in Siddha Medical System

Normal body mass index

5'2" 53-59 kg 59-63 kg
5'3" 54-61 kg 60-64 kg
5'4" 56-62 kg 61-65 kg
5'5" 57-63 kg 62-67 kg
5'6" 58-65 kg 63-68 kg
5'8" 61-68 kg 65-71 kg
6'0" 67-73 kg 71-77 kg


  • Eat plenty of vegetables
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat plenty of protein ( pulses, dry nuts etc )
  • Spice any gravy with less oil but more of ginger ,onian, garlic, cinnamon, coriander
  • Take negative calorie food like fruits, green vegetables. Avoid potato, tapioca like underground stems
  • Take more anti obesity foods like soya beans, spinach, emblica fruits, papaya, garlic, asparagus roots, apple, cabbage, chilli, mango, cucumber, guggul, walnut, figs, fish, ginger, lemon, orange etc
  • Take 1 teaspoon honey mixed with 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 glass pure water regularly ( B.D, Before food )


A ) Running 700
B ) Jogging , 5mph - 500
C ) Cycling 650
D ) Dancing , aerobic 420
E ) Walking , 3mph 280

( Patient select either one of the exercise )

TREATMENT ( Treatment only after diagnosed by siddha doctor )

a. Neermulli kudineer - 1 teaspoon mixed with 3 glass water. Reduced to 1 glass, B.D Before food

b. Aya chendooram - 100mg B.D with honey, before food
c. Jalamanjari chendooram - " "
Combination of ( b and c ) mixed

d. Thriphala choornam - 5gm B.D After food with 1 glass hot water
e. Nathai churi choornam - " "
Combination of ( d and e ) mixed




  • Abyanga - 7 days
  • Podi Kizhi - 7 days
  • Udvarthanam - 7 days
  • Vasthi - 7 days


Remedies & Treatments